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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the Shampoo Buddy compatible with my kitchen sink?


A: The Shampoo Buddy will work with your counter if it has a smooth or lightly textured surface at least 2 3/4” wide. Generally, if your sink is undermount style with a counter on top, it will work. You should measure to be certain. Shampoo Buddy is not compatible with most "drop-in" style sinks or farmhouse sinks. 

sink compatibility 2.0.jpg

Q: Is Shampoo Buddy compatible with my bathtub?


A: The Shampoo Buddy will work if your bathtub has a smooth, flat surface at least 2 3/4” wide. If your bathtub has a sliding door rail or a unique profile (such as a claw foot bathtub) then it is not compatible.

Q: Do I need a special chair to use with the Shampoo Buddy?


A: You do not need a special chair, but you will need to find one that aligns your child’s neck with the neck rest. For kitchen sink use, we recommend starting with a counter height stool and adding a booster seat if necessary. For using next to the bathtub, it will depend on the height of your tub and how tall your kiddo is, but a folding stool is a great option because they are inexpensive and they come in many different sizes.

Q: Can the Shampoo Buddy be used for adults?


A: Yes! The product was designed for kids, but the neck opening is large enough to accommodate most adults. For adults with very large heads there won't be much space to work with between their head and the walls of the Shampoo Buddy, but it can still be used for rinsing. An adjustable height office chair works well when using with adults.

Q: Will the polyurethane gel leave a residue on my counter?


A: No. Polyurethane gel is not an adhesive or glue. It is simply a very soft material, which gives it a sticky feel.  Over time, if dirt sticks to the gel it will become less sticky. To restore back to its original stickiness, simply wash the suction cups with water and let them air dry.

Q: Do you accept returns?


A: Yes, we will accept returns, but the customer is responsible for the return shipping charges, so please be certain that your counter is compatible before placing an order. Please email for return instructions.

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