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Shampoo Buddy Story

Washing the hair of our two young daughters was always a battle in our house. Even though they loved bath time, the hair washing part was a constant source of stress. The mere sight of the rinse bucket would send our younger daughter into hysterics.

Then one day, we took the girls to a salon for a hair cut. As the stylist took them back to the sinks to get their hair washed, we braced ourselves for a melt down. Much to our surprise, our daughters climbed into the chairs, leaned back into the sinks, and got their hair washed without a single protest. In fact, not only were they tolerating the hair wash, they were actually enjoying it! 

When we got back home from the salon, we scoured the internet for a product that would mimic the salon shampoo experience that we could use at home. When the only products that we found were the visors and rinse pails that we already owned (which did not work for us), an idea was born.


Tiffany Platt is a Carnegie Mellon trained mechanical engineer whose past work experience includes designing movable bridge machinery, hydraulic equipment, fine jewelry, camera mounting devices and consumer electronics enclosures. After becoming frustrated with the seemingly simple task of washing her children’s hair, she developed a solution that she hopes will help many other parents who face the same challenges.

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